Chances are you don’t think about rabies much—after all, most dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated and because of that, the disease is not as common in the U.S. as it once was. However, rabies is still very much a danger for pets and people and as deadly as ever.

A few facts to know: Rabies remains a major concern worldwide, with approximately 59.000 people killed by the disease each year. In the U.S, some 30,000 to 60,000 people are treated preemptively for rabies annually after exposure to animals suspected of carrying the disease. In 2017, there were 39 confirmed cases in Connecticut, most of them in bats and other wildlife.

Fortunately, some simple precautions will help keep your pet and family safe. The single most important thing you can do is to keep up with your furry friend’s vaccinations. While mandatory vaccination of dogs has virtually eradicated the disease in canines, cats have become the most common domestic animal infected with rabies. Even indoor cats should be vaccinated as bats can get into the house and cats have been known to escape.

Spaying or neutering will also help, as intact pets are more likely to wander. Finally, when walking your dog, don’t let him approach wild animals.

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