We want to say a big thank you to our clients who by and large, have taken the responsible step of spaying (and neutering) their pets!

Dogs are 15 times more prolific than humans, and cats 45 times more “fruitful”. That makes for millions of unwanted pets each year that won’t find homes. By altering your pet, you are part of the solution to this terrible problem. Yay YOU!

If you haven’t yet had your pet “fixed”, MVC offers spay/neuter services with our experienced doctors and medical team performing the procedure. When you have your pet altered with us, the services are comprehensive and include:

  • pre-op exam and blood work to ensure the pet is healthy enough to surgery
  • individualized patient and anesthesia monitoring during the whole procedure that includes, heart rate, Pulse Oximeter and a trained or certified technician at their side
  • pre, and peri-op (during) pain management for patience comfort 
  • post-operative laser therapy treatment to reduce swelling, manage pain and reduce recovery time. 
  • high quality anesthesia medication 
  • follow-up from the doctor and team performing the procedure

We also partner with the state of Connecticut to make spay/neuter services affordable for low-income pet owners. Click here to learn more about that program and its eligibility requirements.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the spay/neuter process, surgery, minimal risks and health benefits—just give us a call at 203-261-9223.