It can be frightening to see your pet get older. The fact is, our animal companions age much faster than we do, so illness and disease progress faster as well. But there is something that may ward off those terrifying conditions: senior exams and blood screenings.

While every pet ages differently, most dogs become seniors between age 7 and 10, and cats reach senior status between age 9 and 12. Because we want to make sure your pet has the longest, healthiest life possible we recommend your senior pet have an exam with blood screening—often referred to as a “senior panel”— twice per year. This testing is essential in spotting disease early and revealing how well the kidney, liver, pancreas and thyroid are functioning.

There’s nothing to be afraid of…unless your senior pet hasn’t been to the vet in over a year. If that’s the case, make an appointment online or call us at (203) 816-6325 as soon as possible!